Each of our oysters tells the story of its environment. Nestling between land and sea in the heart of the Gulf, they are the echo of a generous nature. They are the living reflection of the harmonious balance that prevails between these two distinct but intimately linked worlds. They draw on the nutrient-rich waters to develop, acquire their characteristic flavours and become a true embodiment of their marine terroir.

We seek to sublimate this balance to achieve a unique and authentic taste experience. By nurturing them with care and preserving the integrity of their natural habitat, we honour this intimate connection. Our efforts are aimed at ensuring that oysters continue to be a living echo of nature's bounty, symbolising the richness and continuity of the harmony between sea and land that the Gulf provides.



By carefully scrutinising Nature, we work to shape our oysters according to the most exacting oyster farming practices. Our daily routine is punctuated by assiduous exploration of the beds, where every day we probe the natural elements, adapting our methods to seasonal variations and the incessant cycles of the tides. Guided by our intimate knowledge of the sea, we aim for extreme precision in our work. Meticulous observation of the sky is just as crucial as a detailed reading of the oceanographic parameters: we adjust our actions according to the whims of the winds and sea currents, anticipating the hazards of future storms. Our business is based on this subtle harmony with natural forces.

The sea, offering its blessings and demanding its share, confronts us with our own vulnerability. We are subject to its unpredictable twists and turns, seeking to navigate its vagaries. Yet it is precisely in the midst of these challenges, in the midst of hardship, that our most remarkable achievements are born. These oysters, the fruit of our expertise and our close interaction with the marine ecosystem, are not simply the product of a standardised culture. They symbolise our respect for nature and our ability to innovate, learn and create in the face of challenges. Each specimen embodies a story, each harvest a celebration of human tenacity and ingenuity in the face of the immeasurable power of the ocean.


Oyster farming embodies our unwavering devotion to the sea and its bounty. Our meticulous approach to oyster farming is fuelled by a deep respect for the marine ecosystem. Each stage of our process is designed to optimise the interaction of the oysters with their natural environment, allowing them to capture the richness their surroundings offer.

Our commitment is reflected in our unfailing technical rigour. Every action is carefully planned to ensure the optimum well-being of these exceptional molluscs. We devote meticulous attention to studying the nuances of their habitat, integrating the most advanced scientific data to encourage their growth and development, while preserving the natural balance of their cultivation site.

For us, oyster farming is about more than just raising oysters; it's about the harmony between man and the sea, combining technical expertise with a passion for preserving this exceptional maritime heritage. Each oyster is bred under optimum conditions, with a constant eye to quality and purity. Our relentless quest for excellence is part of a luxurious approach, offering our consumers a sublime gastronomic experience, a veritable treasure of the seas to be savoured in all its splendour.


Within our company, we have strategically integrated traditional oyster farming practices while encouraging research and development into new and innovative technical approaches. This holistic approach has contributed significantly to the exceptional quality attributes of our oysters, particularly in terms of their shape and robustness, which are crucial to their competitiveness in export markets.

We pay particular attention to the management of environmental parameters, such as water quality, and health monitoring, to ensure optimal growing conditions for our oysters. At the same time, our commitment to constant research and the adoption of new technologies in the field of oyster farming enables us to remain at the forefront of innovation, while maintaining the tradition of quality that characterises our products.

In this way, MAISON MATHIEU D'ARC continues to distinguish itself through the successful fusion of traditional methods and technological advances, offering oysters renowned for their reliability, rarity and remarkable consistency of flavour, providing consumers with an exceptional taste experience season after season.